Edit, save and load key macros

The keystroke macro recorder has capabilities to edit recorded key sequence, which allows to edit, save and load key sequcence.
It allows developers to re-use recorded key macros as many times as it is needed.

The toolbar button is used to call edit key macro dialog.
The dialog shows active key sequence as a tree where nodes are either printable characters or control keys like "ALT", "CTRL", "ENTER" or "SHIFT".
All children of a particular node will be played back with status added by the node key.
E.g. if characters 'a' and 'b' are placed as children of the "SHIFT" key node (see the picture below), then corresponding key strokes will be posted with key status equals "SHIFT", at it's time, if the "SHIFT" node is a children of "CTRL" node then "CTRL" status code will be added to "SHIFT" status code for the "a" and "b" keys.

Edit operations:

  1. Copy and delete key entries
  2. Save key macros
  3. Load key macros

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